Rio 2016

Rio 2016 Volunteers etc.

One of the memorable features of Rio 2016, the first Olympic and Paralympic Games staged in South America, was the presence of cheerful and friendly volunteers.
The "City Hosts" working at airports, railway stations, tourist sites, and Games venues provided tourism and transport information and guided spectators from local railway stations to competition venues.

Outline of the Rio 2016 Games

Aug. 5 to Aug. 21, 2016 (Olympics);
Sep. 7 to Sep. 18, 2016 (Paralympics)
No. of games
28 sports with 306 events (Olympics);
22 sports with 528 events (Paralympics)
No. of athletes
11,303 athletes from 205 countries and regions (Olympics);
4,333 athletes from 160 countries and regions (Paralympics)

City Hosts

Operated by
City of Rio de Janeiro
Worked for
International and domestic visitors and tourists, etc.
Provided tourism and transport information at information centers located in airports, railway stations, tourist sites, Olympic Park, etc. Guided spectators in the "Last Mile," the distance between local transport links and competition venues.
Approx. 1,700 volunteers

*As the culture of volunteerism was not highly developed in Brazil, City Hosts were hired as paid staff. The City Host positions will be a volunteer role in Tokyo 2020.

  • The City Hosts who guide visitors from a umpire chair with many national flags©Scale

More information

Games Volunteer

Operated by
Rio 2016 Organizing Committee
Worked for
Athletes, Games officials and spectators
Helped spectators at Games facilities such as the competition venues and the Athlete's village; managed competitions; provided support for the media; and provided security and other functions necessary for the delivery of the Games.
Approx. 56,000 volunteers (37,000 volunteers for Olympics, 19,000 volunteers for Paralympics)
  • A Games Volunteer who checks the ticket
  • Games Volunteers who leveled the sands at the beach volleyball venue©Scale
  • One of the volunteer's accreditations which has the sign saying 'I speak English'©ScaleEnglish-speaking volunteers had a sign that said, "I speak English" with their accreditation pass

City Hosts

Recruitment window
One year before the Games: Teachers and students at universities with tourism-related programs were contacted
May 2016: Recruitment announced via SNS
Desired profiles
  • Speaks Portuguese
  • Flexible to different cultures
  • Physically strong
  • Good knowledge of the city of Rio de Janeiro
  • Friendly
  • Provided tourist information at information centers located in airports, railway stations, tourist sites, Olympic Park, etc.
  • Guided spectators from local railway stations to competition venues
  • Provided information and guidance to athletes and officials at the information booths located in the Athlete's village and media centers
Information booths at Rio de Janeiro International Airport; tourist sites such as Ipanema beach and Pão de Açúcar; Live Sites including Porto Maravilha, Olympic Park, Athlete's village, and Media Center. Also, transport hubs including subway, BRT, and railway stations.
Activity period
Late July to late September
Activity schedule
Nine-hour shifts (with one-hour break), four workdays, and one day off
  • The City Host who shows the way to the venue with a big finger
  • The City Host who guides at the information booth.
  • Temporary information booth in the Olympic Park©Scale