City Cast Uniform Design

The uniforms for the 2020 Tokyo Games were developed from the 3 perspectives of "Heat Countermeasures, Sustainability and Diversity" to enable people of all ages, genders and nationalities to work comfortably.
We hope that this uniform will create a sense of unity as a cast during the tournament and also enhance the overall atmosphere of the tournament.

City Cast Uniform Design

Design point

The bold arrangement of the competition emblem’s checkered pattern expresses the Tokyo atmosphere, while the contrast between dark blue and white makes it highly distinguishable in the city.
The unity between the Field Cast and the City Cast was expressed by using the same indigo color as the competition staff.

Design point image

  • ■Polo shirt

    City Cast Polo shirt image
  • ■Jacket

    City Cast Jacket image


  • City Cast Pants image
  • City Cast Pants image2
  • ■Shoes

    City Cast Shoes image
  • ■Socks

    City Cast socks image
  • ■Hat

    City Cast Hat image
  • ■Bag

    City Cast Bag image