A Volunteer PR Event Held for Tokyo 2020!

On Tuesday, July 24, "The Tokyo 2020 Games Volunteer PR Event ~ Tokyo 2020 Involving Everyone" was held at Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN® in Sumida Ward. The event was part of a program marking the two-year countdown to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

1. Stage Event

A talk show was held with an Olympian, a Paralympian and people who have volunteer experience, while many people, with a lot of standees, came to the PR event even before the opening time.
Following the showing of a volunteer recruitment movie featuring actress Suzu Hirose, an outline of the volunteering opportunity was introduced, and speakers on stage talked about the appeal and reward of volunteering.

Ms. Yukari Nishio who was a MC of the stage event

The guests on stage included active Paralympian Takuro Yamada, former Olympian Aya Terakawa and comedian Yoshio Kojima. The comedic back and forth between Mr. Kojima and MC Yukari Nishio drew laughs from the audience, and the talk show continued under an extremely friendly atmosphere.

A active Paralympian Takuro Yamada, a former Olympian Aya Terakawa and a comedian Yoshio Kojima who was the guests on the stage event

Commenting on their impressions of volunteers, Mr. Yamada said, "Volunteers have always dealt with me with real enthusiasm and respect, which creates a great atmosphere for enjoying the Games." Ms. Terakawa said, "The smiles and kindness I received from volunteers gave me energy."
People who have volunteer experience discussed the appeal of volunteering, such as camaraderie among the volunteers gained through experiencing and working at the same Games. Mr. Kojima commented on the importance of reaching out, saying: "Even if you can't speak the same language, you may be understood through body language." "Do not think 'I cannot do this because I don't speak foreign languages,' but think 'it doesn't matter' and try it!"

The speakers were discussing about volunteering Many people gathered for the stage event

Finally, each guest shared their enthusiasm for the Tokyo 2020 Games to be held in the summer after next year, and ended up the event with a great success.

A group photo of the speakers

Takuro Yamada (Rio Paralympics Swimming Men's 50m Freestyle Bronze Medalist)
Aya Terakawa (London Olympics Swimming Bronze Medalist)
Yoshio Kojima (Comedian)
Masae Shinjo (Rio 2016 Games Volunteer)
Takahiro Hirakawa (Tokyo Marathon volunteer)
Norio Hasegawa (Tokyo Volunteer Guide)
Mina Yanaka (PyeongChang Olympic Games volunteer)

2. Volunteer PR Booths

At one of the booths set up inside the venue, visitors could communicate with spectators from overseas by using a translation app. A photo booth provided an app to judge the levels of smiles and there were videos and information boards featuring volunteers from past Games, and a display of the volunteer uniforms.

A person who was using translation apps needed to communicate with spectators from overseas A man was being judged the levels of smile In front of volunteer PR booths