Notice of the Restart for General Training for City Cast (for those who have not attended the group training)

If you have attended the group training, it is not necessary to attend the training below, however the recording of the training session is available, and please feel free to review it when needed.

The general training sessions that have been carried out since October, 2019 have been postponed since February 22, 2020 as part of the countermeasures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection.

We are now announcing the restarting of the training sessions as online training that is able to be attended via PC and smartphone. If you have yet to attend the general training, please make sure to do so within the period.

Event period

From August 31, 2020 to around late December, 2020

Main contents

Outline of the games, how to support various guests such as guests with disabilities, attitude and preparation when participating, and others.
There are five chapters, and it will be shared sequentially until late September. (The schedule will be announced later.)

How to take the training session

(1) Please prepare a computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to the internet, then log in to “My Page” by accessing the URL below.

(2) Click the 「eラーニング(e-Learning Entry)」 button on My Page.

マイページ 研修申込画面のイメージ1

(3) A list of e-learning contents that can be taken is displayed. Click the 「実施 (Start)」button of a title displayed such as 「【共通研修 (General Training)(集合研修)(Group Training)】」, to start the video.

マイページ 研修申込画面のイメージ2

* For your reference (for those who view the training via smartphone)
If you are viewing it via smartphone, tap the menu button on the top right corner to see the menu, then tap 「eラーニング(e-Learning Entry)」.

マイページ 研修申込画面のイメージ3

* General Training requires e-learning as well. If you have not taken it, please make sure to do so promptly.

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