Regarding the Results of the Survey for the Tokyo 2020 City Cast (City Volunteer)

We are announcing the results of a survey, and our future course of action with the opinions of the registered City Cast (City Volunteer) members in mind with regards to what the members expect of the postponed Tokyo 2020 games and their concerns, which was performed in August, 2020 to help us analyze what we can work toward.

Performance outline

(1) Participants

 30,486 registered City Cast members as of the date of preforming the survey

(2) Survey duration

 August 10 (Monday) to 31 (Monday), 2020

(3) Method of preforming the survey

 Answering questionnaires online (some answered it by mail)

(4) Responding numbers

 13,480 persons (response rate: 44.2%)

Results outline

Some questions and their answers that had higher chosen rate amounts were extracted. For more detailed result, please check here. (Detailed result of the survey PDF)

Q. Subjects that you would like to learn about in detail at future training sessions (You may select multiple answers)

  • Knowledge of how to actively participate safely and securely (countermeasures for COVID-19, heat, and other) (76.7%)
  • How to respond in emergency situations (how to use AED, and other) (58.6%)
  • Regarding sightseeing spots and transportation in Tokyo (56.2%)

Q. What you look for through volunteer participation (You may select multiple answers)

  • Being able to communicate with a large audience (74.1%)
  • Being able to feel the lively atmosphere of the games (67.6%)
  • Being able to share the attractiveness of Tokyo and local areas (49.5%)

Q. What concerns you regarding The Games (You may select multiple answers)

  • The situation of COVID-19 (79.0%)
  • How the postponing of the games affects the momentum of the volunteer activity (49.3%)
  • Regarding physical strength (dealing with heat and others) (42.1%)

Q. Your requests of the Operation Office (You may select multiple answers)

  • Well prepared safe and secure volunteer activity environment (75.1%)
  • Flexibility when dealing with the amount of dates and hours of activity during the games (65.6%)
  • Provision of detailed information regarding the games (59.7%)

Our future course of action with the opinions of the City Cast in mind

(1) Countermeasures for COVID-19

 We’ve started to prepare a manual for the countermeasures for COVID-19 for the City Cast members to participate securely, and will further consider the countermeasures working along with the country and the Organizing Committee, and will inform the details of our approach to the participants in the upcoming training starting from this upcoming spring.

(2) Countermeasures for the heat

 In addition to the existing measures such as taking a rest inside between volunteer activities, we will consider additional measures such as hydrating oneself by taking off masks under sunshades where there is distance from the audience during activities.

(3) The amount of dates and hours of activity

 For the City Cast members who are unable to participate the amount of days that is initially planned (five days and more) due to the change in circumstances because of the schedule change of the games, we will take each ones situation into consideration and strive to respond flexibly.

 Also, we will inform in the training that for those who require special consideration for the duration of the activity (about five hours including breaks), we shall allow the necessary measures by letting ones end their activity sooner than what is planned for them, depending on the weather and each one’s condition that day.

(4) Training

 We will inform detailed information regarding the countermeasures for COVID-19 and the methods of dealing with emergency situations, including how to use AED, by roles at the upcoming training that will be held starting from this upcoming spring.

 For this fiscal year, we are planning to hold some online training for how to support those who require special assistance and care such as for the people who speak sign language, as well as holding online gatherings to associate with the fellow volunteers.

Tokyo 2020 City Cast Operation Office

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