Tokyo Volunteerism Promotion Council (TVPC)

  • A group photo of the Tokyo Volunteerism Promotion Council members and the guests standing side by side in a row on the stage
  • A photo of a scene from a Tokyo Volunteerism Promotion Council meeting

Effect of establishment

  1. Various entities (administrative or private-sector organizations e.g. companies, schools and NPO's) get together to develop momentum toward volunteerism
  2. Promote volunteerism for the success of the Tokyo 2020 Games


Ms. Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo
Vice president
Mr. Haruo Shimada, Chairperson of Tokyo Metropolitan University
Vice president
Mr. Takashi Sasaki, Adviser of The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The council is made up of organizations that have agreed with promotion of volunteerism. Members exchange opinions and share information, each assuming the following functions:

  1. Publicizing: Promoting volunteerism to young people and beneficiaries-to-be who are not quite interested in it
  2. Range expansion: Encouraging creation of opportunities and accessible activity menus for first-time volunteers
  3. Successful delivery of the Games: Expanding the range of Games-related volunteerism and devising a system for the City Volunteerism

Immediate Activities

  1. Supporting web-based publicizing for volunteerism promotion
  2. Facilitating development of volunteer coordinator resources at each member organization
  3. Assisting provision of opportunities accessible to part-time volunteers
  4. Supporting public honoring of organizations willing to contribute to the society through volunteerism
  5. Expanding the range of Games-related volunteerism and devising a system for the City Volunteer

Member organizations of Tokyo Volunteerism Promotion Council